The embedded ad production platform for DSPs

The Adrapid platform is specifically developed as a white label, embedded, Display Ad Production Platform for DSPs and other marketing automation, omnichannel platforms.

Now you can produce all ads for all your clients in the blink of an eye.

With Adrapid embedded, you enable global brands to deliver personalized digital advertising and marketing experiences to millions of consumers.

Adrapid delivers a comprehensive solution accompanied by professional services and support.


Time the market

We integrate our Platform into yours in the shortest time possibly, so your time to market is shortened.

Then you have instantly a ready to use Ad production platform integrated into your workflow. 


It will just work

We make sure your ads will work on any advertising platform you’ve selected.

Don’t worry about technical stuff like ClickTags, weights in kb etc. It will just work


Build or buy?

Our aim is to bring the production cost to a minimum, for a fraction of your own building costs, while boosting your ad production capabilities and ROI.

Build on HTML5 for your ease

For mass production of HTML5 ad inventories.

Demand Side

No problems for DSP

AdRapid can be integrated into the DSPs, ABM etc in short time through well designed APIs. The white-label platform has also opensource GUI, so it can be customized to work as an inherent part of your workflow. Now you can offer your agencies and advertisers new possibilities. Customize the templates with your clients corporate identities colors, font, logo etc.

Then AdRapid will create your dream campaign.

Marketing automation

Dynamic and programmatic?

Is ad production a problem for you or your clients? Customize our templates to suit your clients need or let them do it themselves.

AdRapid can become a great sales tool and a bottle neck opener. Get more clients!


Boost ad sales now!

Looking for a way to make it easier for your clients to advertise, increase reach and ROI? Both your sales team and clients will love AdRapid. When advertising becomes more targeted and with refined micro segments the suitable number of ads multiplies. We make sure the ads will work on your ad server. Boost ad sales now!

Build your own?

You may consider building your own software.

The reasons could be several:

  • Securing the source code, patent infringements and liabilities of all kind.
  • You want to control the whole user journey and user experience.
  • Or, it have been hard to find suitable solutions out there, therefore it’s cheaper and less complicated to just do it yourselves.

Build-in AdRapid?

So why would Adrapid be chosen as solution?

Adrapid will deliver:

  • Comprehensive
  • Embedded
  • White labelled solution accompanied
  • With professional services & support 

Do nothing 

Not acting is a viable choice, too.

You have the opportunity to just decline to a deal with the dilemma in question.

This is not a must-have so you can afford to just ignore the issue.

In such case the customer could ask their customers to go fix their issues elsewhere

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